Overworld Map Has a New Home!

Overworld Map is becoming a part of a larger project: Tilting at Pixels.

I started Overworld Map as a venue for discussing the intersection of two things I have an intense interest in: cartography and video games. However, I quickly came to realize that devoting an entire website to this junction point alone did not leave me much freedom to explore beyond a rather narrow set of topics.

As a result, I am now rolling Overworld Map into a larger project: Tilting at Pixels.

You'll be able to find Overworld Map posts on the new site inside the Overworld Map category page and hopefully on the main page with some degree of regularity.

Tilting at Pixels is a joint project between myself and a fellow video game enthusiast writer, Trevor Adamo. The new site is still coming together though, so please bear with us.

Also, yes, I did use pretty much the exact same visual layout over there as I did here. Overworld Map was my first exercise in creating a versatile, Jekyll-based blog format, so I reused that work when building the new site.

Many thanks to those who have contacted me expressing interest in the premise of Overworld Map, and I hope you will give Tilting at Pixels a look as well.